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Deadline Approaching To Submit Your VA Breastfeeding License Plate Application And Check



AND CHECK IS NOV. 30, 2015

VA Breastfeeding license plate


Help To Bring A Breastfeeding License Plate To Virginia!

WHAT: We are collecting applications to begin the legislative process necessary to have the plate be adopted by the DMV and go into production.  In order for this process to begin, we must collect 450 pre-paid applications by November 30, 2015.  After this date, our sponsor, Delegate Jay Leftwich of Chesapeake, can take our bill to the 2016 General Assembly, which begins in January 2016.

HOW: In January 2016 our license plate legislation is submitted by our Delegate Sponsor to the General Assembly for consideration.  After filing, it would first need to be favorably passed out of the transportation committee before being brought before the General Assembly at-large. Once our license plate bill is passed, it moves on to the Governor for signing. Only after the Governor signs our bill, hopefully by the summer of 2016 at the latest, will the applications (and money) be submitted to DMV so that our plate can be produced.  We would then begin to see this plate on cars in 2017 or perhaps late 2016 if things moved very quickly.  But, none of this happens unless we get 450 prepaid applications.  If our efforts fail, your money will be refunded.

NOTE: It is important to understand that even though you filled out an application for this plate, you must continue to keep your registration renewals current with DMV.

INSTRUCTIONS: Helping to make Virginia’s Breastfeeding License Plate a Reality

  • All applicants must have a vehicle currently licensed in the state of Virginia.
  • APPLICATION: Here is the official DMV application specifically for the Virginia Breastfeeding License Plate.  Do not mail to DMV. Fill out the form completely, including the signatures of all owners of the car. To fill out the form completely, you will need the following at hand: Owner(s) name(s), current plate number, current plate type, current plate expiration date, Vehicle Title Number, and VIN (vehicle identification number). These can be found on your current vehicle registration card. If there is more than one owner, both co-owners must sign the form.
  • COST: The VA Breastfeeding Task Force will need $10 if you are applying for standard plates and $20 if you are applying for personalized plates. (A personalized plate is one on which you have requested a special word or letter/number sequence other than what DMV ordinarily assigns.)  This is the amount that the VA Breastfeeding Task Force will need to submit to DMV at the completion of the legislative process so that the plates can go into production.  We will hold these funds until that time and your money will be refunded if our legislative effort fails.
  • SEND YOUR APPLICATION AND MONEY: Mail your completed and signed applicationand your check to the Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force at: PO Box 35379, Richmond, VA 23235.  Do not send the application directly to DMV. If you prefer, you may emailyour completed and signed application to the VABFTF at
  • PAYPAL: You can also use to send money, including credit cards, using the email address Please note that because PayPal charges a fee for each transaction, you will need to add $2 to your payment when using this service, so submit either $12 for regular plates or $22 for specialized plates.


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