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Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week And Bring A License Plate To Virginia

World Breastfeeding Week Image 2016(Richmond) — July 1, 2016 — This year breastfeeding organizations, professionals and parents can celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month with a ready-to-go social media and sharing campaign designed to help bring a breastfeeding license plate to Virginia.  World Breastfeeding Week is August 1-7 and the National Breastfeeding Month runs the entire month of August.

The Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force, VABFTF, has worked for the last two years to make this license plate a reality.  The plate garnered national attention, including articles in the Huffington Post praising the effort.

This year the VABFTF has joined with statewide breastfeeding organizations to get the word out through a dedicated website at and social media campaign and flyer designed to make the project easy to promote.  The vehicle license plate is expected to go far in normalizing breastfeeding culture in Virginia for generations to come.

“If we are successful in collecting 450 paid applications, our sponsor, Delegate Jay Leftwich of Chesapeake, will pre-file our legislation in December 2016. Then, our license plate bill can go before the General Assembly’s 2017 Session beginning in January 2017,” said Jane Lesto Die, MD, of the VABFTF. “If you are passionate about bringing this plate to Virginia, please help us spread the word to your fellow breastfeeding advocates and supporters.”

The Virginia Breastfeeding License Plate Project needs 450 paid applications by November 2016.  You can follow the campaign’s progress on the website to see how close we get to making the goal.  As of July 1, 2016, twenty-five paid applications had been collected of the 450 needed.

A fully FAQ and instructions for completing the process are listed on the website at

If you have questions about participating in the project, sending in your application, getting flyers for your groups, or having someone speak to your organization about the License Plate Project, you can email Lisa Reagan at

Please take time from your busy day to participate in this project.  A highly visible breastfeeding license plate has a great potential for positively impacting breastfeeding culture, supporting mothers and creating healthy babies and families for generations.

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