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VABFTF Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes


Meetings are held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the address below 
and are open to all.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.
March 1
May 3
November 1
Our traditional quarterly board meetings are held at:
Innsbrook – DG3 Dominion’
4121 Cox Road, Suite 115
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
(804) 545-1665 desk
Read Meeting Minutes from past meetings here.


Meeting Minutes from December

In attendance;  Linda K. Bennington, Valerie Coleman; Mary Beth Cox; Jarene Fleming; Diana Karczyk;; Angela Love-Zaranka; Valerie Lemelin; Kathleen Bunch Meneses; Kate Noon; Nancy Raines; Rebecca Shively;  Katherine Wilson-Thompson; Erika Lentini; Mercedes Robertson; Vernessa Holmes; Cary York; Tammy Rockwell

Via Webinar: Sharon Corriveau, Cindy Curtis; Ann l. Kellams; Ann Scott; Cindy Bauley; Janine Rethy; Regina Brady

Meeting opened with chair Linda Bennington sharing the vision and mission statement; to improve the health of the Virginia families by protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding throughout the Commonwealth.


Nominations National Advisory Council on Maternal, Infant and Fetal Nutrition

Appalachian Breastfeeding Network 12/14/16 Gallipolis, OH

Spring Collaborative date is pending will be May 24 or 25, 2017

Next State Breastfeeding Coalitions Webinar  Dec 13, 2016


Presentation: Business Case meets Breastfeeding Welcome Here: Community Based Solutions

Amy Paulson, Executive Director, CINCH, Instructor,  Dept of Pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School & Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Amy recommends approaching most accessible businesses and employers with campaign outreach first. CINCH welcomes use of teaching materials with proper credit, all may be accessed here :

  • Portsmouth was the first health department with lactation room and policy.
  • HRSA allows co-branding of educational materials with community partners
  • Include lactation policy/location information in FMLA procedures
  • Lactation room/policy an be included in Wellness Initiative

Virginia Education Association is a resource for learning about which school districts in VA have adopted employee lactation policy based on the 2014 law


La Leche League of Virginia- Angela Love-Zaranka-  there has been a change in organizational structure –there are 3 different affiliates in VA. There is a non-geographical area being created targeting military moms as well as women of color.

Legislation update – Kate Noon The 2017 Session starts  Jan 11. Bills still being formulated there could be some surprises. Top 3  priorities

  1. Pumping bill to cover cap for salaried women – 3rd year to attempt passage. There is a financial impact to have secure a staffer to follow up enforcement of the new law.
  2. Amend Human Rights act to cover very small businesses (less than 5 employees) for pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Already in system – bill requiring the Commissioner of Labor and Industry looking at paid family leave for state employees good chance it will make it out of the senate.
  • Monday January 16th is lobby day. (MLK day – invite all to attend) may have morning and afternoon group. Kate will send out details when finalized.


Collective Impact 2020 SGCTA Commonwealth goals – Tammy

Ways to support pediatricians for being breastfeeding friendly practices

  • Create an recognition award – Nominations would come to VBAC
  • Could be given during physician week and seek publicity
  • Best of Richmond Magazine nomination begins in March – a draft letter from the VBAC is process to encourage a new category be created for Breastfeeding Friendly
  • Discussed creating a resource list for pediatric offices
  • Research “Best of “ outlet for various parts of the state

Angela Love-Zaranka attended USBC on behalf of BF Task Force – report back.  Interested in promoting and cross promoting – Social Justice: a. first foods   b. diversity in care c. equity NC completed state assessment in preparation for grant applications to make a broader impact

  • Group discussed viewing USBC Racial Equity Webinar Series -Angela will make a recommendation for group
  • Plan to incorporate equity language into next revision of VBAC by laws


Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium-  Kathleen Bunch Meneses UVA continuing education – VDH funding has continued for  which will be moving to a more user friendly platform, work should begin soon.

BREAST– Community Needs assessment currently being completed in Roanoke

Carillion Roanoke Memorial has entered discovery phase with BFUSA

  • ACOG BF packet –Valerie provided- Jarene will review and prepare for discussion next meeting

ODU School of Nursing- Linda Bennington- will give a presention about the VBAC at the LATCH conference.  ODU Nursing students were recently awarded by CINCH

ILCA -Nancy Raines- time to renew membership – membership price can b reduced price if a group of 10 joins together -group discussed possibility of pooling together to join Sharon, Katherine, Nancy, Jarene are interested – Nancy will coordinate?

USLCA – Angela received some information/ model legislation tools regarding licensure to help individual states working on licensure .  You can no longer join both ILCA and USLCA . USLCA does provide CERPS

  • Conference in May 4-6, 2017 in San Antonia

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners -Senecca Kirkhart – absent

Lamaze International and Virginia Nurses Association – Valerie Coleman – no updates

National Association of Social Workers- Kate Noon – no updates

USBC – nearing completion of Virginia Guide to Rights for Breastfeeding Employees – Jarene would like to review

VDH Maternal Child Health – Mary Beth Cox name change the MICAH Early Impact Virginia IT Infrastructure Partnership

Richmond City WIC- Vernessa – City of Richmond WIC divided into teams for the RVA BF Welcome Here Campaign outreach, all WIC staff participated in the 2 day annual event for World Breastfeeding Week, it was a successful day targeted small businesses-  hair salons

VDH WIC Program – Kathrine Wilson Thompson – VMCQIC large and small group webinairs resumed this month, next faculty meeting will be 12/14

WIC Peer Counselor Program- Rebecca Shively announced Loving Support Award received by 2 districts, Virginia Beach and Thomas Jefferson.  Currently 29 openings for Breastfeeding Peer Counselors across the state, please refer any candidates.

Group viewed during lunch

2017 VBAC Meeting Schedule was set, group agreed the next joint meeting with the Taskforce will be in September.   Save the dates, March 10, June 9, September 8, December 8, 2017.

The March meeting will be dedicated to viewing and discussion of part of Racial Equity Webinar Series, review and updating VBAC bylaws, and planning execution of business case/BFWH outreach.

Remember any violations of public breastfeeding law should be referred to:

2:00 pm             Adjourn

Create and model a culture of inclusion, diversity & equity (USBC Strategic Framework Goal 4)

Meeting Minutes from November 5, 2015:

  1. VABFTF Meeting on November 5, 2015

    VABFTF Meeting on November 5, 2015

    Reading of nonprofit mission by VABFTF.

  2. Introductions of women attending meeting, as well as call-in attendees. Call to action, invite more people to the meetings and for VABFTF to use technology to
  3. Lisa Reagan gave an update for the e-newsletter and new website resources. Lisa asked for volunteers for posting on Facebook page and Laurel said she would become an admin and help.
  4. Meeting minutes from September 11 joint meeting with advisory committee read and approved.
  5. Committee to identify health groups working with children with chronic disease. Cindy Remington, Kate Noon, Valerie Coleman volunteered to be a part of this committee and help identify these groups. Have training to learn to write effective editorial in response to issues that come up.
  6. Jane Die: License plate needs to be promoted and 450 obtained by the end of the month.
  7. Mercedes Robertson made a motion that the task force provide $100 to promote the license plate on Facebook to breastfeeding targets in Virginia.
  8. Laurel Tharrington presented on Zip Milk. Will research costs for joining.
  9. Kate Noon presented on legislative issues in Virginia. Need to increase pumping protections in the state of Virginia. Working on getting something into law that would cover salaried women and prevent discrimination. The expectation is for more pushback from businesses than experienced last year for the public breastfeeding bill.
  10. Need to research the capacity of 501C3’s capacity to support specific legislation.  Is this lobbying or is this allowed?
  11. Need to translate the 8 steps for advocacy for the VABFTF to use. Lisa Reagan will do this and put bar code on it for people to sign up for VABFTF e-newsletter.
  12. Milk bank site has a lot of milk now. If a mother has a loss, they will accept any volume of milk to honor their baby, Valerie Coleman presented. Nancy Raines is using milk donor milk. (Great article for the newsletter.) If baby has weight loss or jaundice, they have the donor milk on hand and ready to use. Valerie requests that the group let their staff and mothers know about the milk bank. Make sure human milk bank resource up online, Cary York will help.
  13. Valerie Coleman is asking for task force to support licensure for IBCLCs so they can bill for services in Virginia.
  14. Healthy People 2020 Breastfeeding Goals reviewed. Valerie Coleman says that VABFTF needs to make sure our goals are aligned with these, which also support the Baby-Friendly Ten Steps.
  15. Community resources. Look at Cary York’s website to find resources that need to go on VABFTF website: Valerie Coleman asked that everyone go back to their communities and identify the local support groups and report back to the VABFTF so we can list them on the website. Tammy Rockwell says that she will head the committee to identify the support groups.
  16. USBC is going to do a training for the VABFTF on how to use their website. A vote showed that Monday is the best day for everyone to do this training.
  17. Business case for breastfeeding. Valerie asked that we establish a subcommittee to look at educating businesses to support breastfeeding.  Valerie asked for a show of hands for who had taken a business education class and about six hands went up.
  18. Leslie Lyttle presented about the Richmond Healthy Action Alliance. Very successful in bringing together stakeholders for communities and staff members working with low income and African American mothers. Goal is to train 125 care providers in evidence based prenatal education tool.  Women are getting different messages from different sources so trying to make the message more coherent.  Information about their group is at
  19. Need to write a formal history of the VABFTF. Rhode Island Task Force recommends this.
  20. Find 10 steps for supporting breastfeeding in day care – produced by VDH.


VABFTF Joint Meeting With The Virginia Breastfeeding Advisory Committee on September 11, 2015

  1. Reading of nonprofit missions by VABFTF and Virginia Advisory Board Committee.
  2. Introductions of women attending meeting, as well as call-in attendees.
  3. USBC Conference updates from Lisa Reagan and Lorraine Welker
  4. Presentation of Virginia Maternity Care Quality Improvement Collaborative by Emily Taylor, Quality Improvement Advisor. They will be sending a copy of the power point out to today’s attendees.
  5. VABFTF Business presented: Nancy Raines presented on the update on the license plate; Angela Love-Zaranka presented on licensure for IBCLCs in Virginia; Kate Noon presented on the new Virginia law and will send VABFTF guidelines for businesses to post on the VABFTF website; Mary Beth Cox and Katherine Wilson-Thompson talked about Baby Comfort Station; Lisa Reagan on USBC webinars/Coalitions Learning Communities helping the task force use their resources to support Virginia communities.
  6. The group congratulated Lorraine Welker and Linda Chermside on becoming a founding member of ILCA
  7. Nancy Raines shared letter from Kate Majestic, new USBC mid-Atlantic representative who is inviting the task force to be a part of their programs.
  8. Karen Buchard will find out information about posting a directory on the website for LCs and practitioners/businesses on the VABFTF website.
  9. Will continue to meet jointly with advisory board in Septembers.
  10. December 11 is next meeting for advisory committee. November 5 is next meeting for VABFTF.


VABFTF Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes in May 2015

  1. Introductions of those present at meeting. (I do not have sign-in sheet.)
  2. Treasurer’s report, $7923.96
  3. Role of officers defined according to bylaws
  4. Nancy Raines shared that there is 7,000 in the bank account from grants to help VABFTF identify and support community groups in Virginia.
  5. Lisa Reagan can help with streaming future board member meetings. Send out notifications first with link to streaming site.
  6. September meeting is a joint meeting with the VA Breastfeeding Advisory Council. November is a speaker meeting, but not set yet.
  7. Kate Noon gave an update on the legislation that passed and legislation that is being proposed for this year, including a pumping in the workplace bill to protect mothers who are salaried (includes penalties for employers who don’t comply). Second bill with expand the pregnancy and lactation bill that would make it illegal to fire a pregnant woman. The license plate bill is also up. Virginia Alliance for Breastfeeding Laws for more updates on the laws. Want to mobilize people for election year.
  8. Lisa Reagan will ghost write letter from co-chairs for e-newsletter that will update membership about VABFTF news and actions.
  9. Jane Die is overseeing the license plate. Jay Leftwich is still on board with sponsoring the bill.  The DMV contact is fine with letting us use the old applications we collected.  Might be able to use the Virginia State Fair booth that Bon Secours sponsors to collect applications and checks.  Need to move forward quickly to re-initiate this effort. Need to create Virginia Breastfeeding License Plate page.  Erica from Richmond Doulas can help to hand out information flyers and applications for the license plates as they attend farmer’s markets, etc.
  10. Laurel Tharrington presented on Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine’s protocol on addiction.
  11. The group voted to change the name of the task force to the Virginia Breastfeeding Coalition. The name change will not go into effect until after the license plate project is finished to avoid confusion. Most likely this will be next year.
  12. Valerie Coleman appointed Kate Noon and Jane Die to the board of directors. Kate serves as the board’s political and legislative liaison and as a board member-at-large. Jane Die is the license plate project committee chair and a board member-at-large.

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