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Find breastfeeding events in Virginia on our calendar, and contribute your own event by emailing us at

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Our Mission


VBC has served families since 1985. Read about our nonprofit mission and vision of lifelong wellness for all Virginians!

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Breastfeeding Resources

Virginia's breastfeeding resources


Find local, state and national breastfeeding resources.

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virginia's Supportive hospitals


What is a Baby-Friendly hospital and where can you find them in Virginia?

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Virginia's breastfeeding laws


How is your right to breastfeed in public supported?

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support groups


Where can you find support groups throughout the commonwealth?

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What laws support you at work? Who are the breast-feeding friendly award recipients in Virginia?

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VBC's Equity statements


How does VBC seek to support all families, with equity and inclusion leading the way?

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The 2019 national breastfeeding conference and convening

Representing! Virginia Breastfeeding Coalition delegates, members, and supporters were proud to represent our commonwealth at the Ninth National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening June 13-16 in Bethesda, Maryland. VBC looks forward to bringing home insights, tools, resources, inspiration and energy from this dynamic event. Please join our passionate team through membership, committee service, volunteering and your tax-deductible donations! (See our #nbcc19 photo album here.)

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The Virginia Breastfeeding Coalition's nonprofit mission is to normalize breastfeeding in our commonwealth as a path to lifelong wellness. Support our nonprofit work with your tax-deductible donation today!

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